Our Services

Service & Repairs

Routine maintenance on any equipment ensures its longevity and service life. Contact us for your service requirements and get the most out of the equipment that keeps your facility as productive as possible.

System Installation

We don’t just sell you the product and leave you to it, we can provide you with a wo-to-go service. Professional installation of compressors, dryer and/or air treatment systems, piping, hose sets and coupling connections to get the air from the compressor right to your tool in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Air Audits

There are always ways to improve any system, and in many examples, areas to improve on that can make your workplace safer and more efficient. An air audit at your facility can point out the areas that may help to achieve this, including reporting costly system leaks and rectification plan to help get the most out of your system and save you money!

Breathing Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing on a regular basis (typically 12 months) keeps you compliant and confident that your facility is providing safe air for your employees using air fed respirators. Untreated air from an air compressor can be hazardous and a serious health risk. Our testing reports on oxygen content, oil concentration, water, carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in the air being provided to the workers or application. We will also report on the distribution of air from the filtration set, hoses, couplings and connections, to ensure the system is complete and compliant according to Australian Standards. Any non compliant items can be quoted to supply if required.